11,000 or lower 50

This group is for people who are active on the app and have a rank of 11,000 or lower. Any plant’s🍇🍒🍓🌴🌲🌳🌺🌸🌹or flora. Currently trying to reach 6,000 observations. Thank You and have a good day. Need member’s, goal is 15🌳🌱🍇🦟🪴🕷🐛🐜🍒🍉🐞🍑🐛🍎🌻🍑🥀 💐🌷💮🌸💐🌻☘️🌷🥀🌼🌸 and have fun.

Grupo privado 8265 Observaciones 3775 Especies
Miembros 50
Noah Hauck
Noah Hauck Administrador - Creador del grupo
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