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Grupid võimaldavad koguda kokku mitmelt liikmelt huvi tekitavate taksonite või geograafilise ala vaatluseid.
Eesmärkideks on kiire ligipääs vajalikele andmetele, kaardistada vaatlused ja eksportida eeltoodud andmeid.

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South East louisiana

All da green round hare, nawluns and down the rote

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Wild Foragers of Mangawhai region

Foraging around the Mangawhai region, Northland, New Zealand

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House plants

Plants in your home

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Everyday Plants

Purpose of this group is to share photos of plants that can be seen everyday in streets, at homes, on a nature walk etc.

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Plants of Scandinavia

Plants found in northern Europe (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; i.e. Scandinavia and the Baltics). Discussions preferably in English. 🌲

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Wild plants of Central Europe

Let's collect plants growing wildly in nature of Central Europe. Everyone is welcome!

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Any and all plants 🌿🌲🌼

Like the title says... Any and all plants, this is for people who really like botany or just want to learn about plants. Really like tree leaves and flower pics... Need Members 💛

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Plants from everywhere🪴

Let’s collect wild plants from all over the world in this group. No matter if they grow under or over the water. Feel free to join

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Houseplants, (common, rare, exotic, tropical, cacti, succulents, whatever!) Orchard, (fruit trees, grape, berries, etc) Garden, (wildflower gardens, SUNFLOWERS, vegetable gardens, garden with ponds, trellises, fountains etc) Everyone can join this FUN AND INFORMATIVE group! Share your pictures and leave a comment or question on someone else's post. Help eachother with questions and answers. AND GO! 😃

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Cactus and succulents 🌵

A group interested in cacti and succulents only

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Medicinal plants, Herbs, foraging for wild edibles, practice in the field

Daily practice in the field, botany college/grade 11 (and up) identification of medicinal plants, herbs, increase foraging skills for wild edibles, differentiating similar looking plants, foraging in the different seasons. Craft of plants for culinary uses: oils,sugars, salts, jams,jellies, pickles, preserves.Bushcraft, Wildcraft, homesteading, to home gardening.

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🌲 Plants of Europe 🌻

All plants present in Europe. Welcome to all, and don't hesitate to share your observations in this group !

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The emerging!

Shoots, leaf buds, flower buds - the promise of new life coming into existence! All the year round - not only in the springtime! And young flowers, young blossom, young leaves - the privilege of youth...

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🏵🌴 Végétaux d'ornement cultivés en Europe 🌴🏵

Toutes les plantes d'ornement cultivées dans les parcs et jardins publics ou privés d'Europe (vivaces, arbustes, arbres) Merci de noter ville et pays dans vos notes, 2 à 3 photos minimum, c'est mieux ! AMUSEZ VOUS BIEN !!! All ornamental plants grown in public or private parks and gardens in Europe (perennials, shrubs, trees) Please note city and country in your notes, 2 to 3 photos minimum, it's better! HAVE FUN !!!

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Autumn vibes 🍂🍁🌦️

It's autumn again! The coziest time of the year 😀 - Get outside and share your colorful pictures! 🍂📸

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Flowers only ⚘🌻💐🌺 Everyone Welcome 💛

Hi friends! Flowers only please everyone welcome!!! Needs Members 💛. A group for everyone who loves nature and flowers! Thanks so much for being the person you are!

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Perennial Lovers 🔃💚🔁

A collections of plants known to be perennials (plants that come back year after year) 🌷🌹🌵🌿🍁 Please join and share known perennials. All are welcome 😃

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Plants of Poland

All plants naturally occurred in Poland, including not native and invasive. Wszystkie rośliny naturalnie występujące w Polsce, włącznie z nie rodzimymi i inwazyjnymi. Group languages are English and Polish. Językami grupy są angielski i polski. Pot plants, sometimes beloved, is better to publish in the group "House Plants". Roślinki doniczkowe, czasem ukochane, lepiej jest zamieścić w grupie "House Plants".

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Cottage Garden Plants

Plants used in informal, whimsical ways, including old-fashioned flowers, edibles, and herbs. Wild plants, native and invasive welcome. Feel free to include weeds and how to recognize and deal with them as well. Everyone welcome!

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Iberian peninsula - Península ibérica

Flora de la península ibérica y las Islas Baleares. España, Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, Islas Baleares. Iberian peninsula, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, Balearic Islands

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Blue, violet, dark blue, purple, magenta, lilac, nevy blue, dark magenta, black violet FLOWERS and plants

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California and World Flora

Wide variety of local (CA) and world flora.

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World of ferns 🌿

For all passionate admirers of ferns around the world 🌿 Feel free to share, discuss and peer-review all observations 🤗

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Only TREES from the World 🌴🌲🌳

Worldwide collection of tree observations. Raccolta mondiale di osservazioni sugli alberi. Colección mundial de observaciones de árboles. Tutmonda kolekto de arbobservoj. Всемирная коллекция наблюдений за деревьями. Weltweite Sammlung von Baumbeobachtungen. Wêreldwye versameling van boomwaarnemings. مجموعة عالمية من ملاحظات الأشجار. 世界范围内的树木观察集合。 Koleksi pengamatan pohon di seluruh dunia. Dünya çapında ağaç gözlemleri koleksiyonu. Iqoqo lomhlaba wonke lokuqashelwa kwezihlahla. ਰੁੱਖਾਂ ਦੀ ਨਿਗਰਾਨੀ ਦਾ ਵਿਸ਼ਵਵਿਆਪੀ ਸੰਗ੍ਰਹਿ.

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